Lakers #44 Jerry West Gold adidas Hardwood Classics Swingman Stitched NBA Jersey
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$ 101.25
$ 22.50

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Reviews 20

CHA*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 5:26PM

Thanks for the update, I think the package will be delivered today. 

I will let you know when it arrives. You provide very fast shipping. 

I am impressed!!

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Bra*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 5:21PM

Friend, I received the package, & it was better than I expected. 

 Sorry for the confusion, but THANK YOU! 

I AM A VERY HAPPY Customer. 

 I will order more Jerseys soon

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TIM*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 5:06PM

Everything was great except for ID:163756. 

The jersey should of had navy blue pinstripes and it has green pinstripes instead.

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Dav*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 5:03PM

The products were high quality and will be ordering more again soon! 

Great communication and speed of delivery!!

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Der*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:58PM

Im wearing the sweater i bought from you before christmas very warm thank you. 

I will let my friends know to buy from your company.

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Joh*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:55PM

Yes, I have received it. And thank u so much I love it yes I' more in the future thank u

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Tim*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:54PM

Thank you so much. This is why I continue to do business with you. 

You really care about the customer. 

Please let me know if it is in stock.Thanks.

| (0)

Joh*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:51PM

Ok thanks. Everything has been great. No problem. More orders coming. John

| (0)

gre*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:50PM

Yes all good I will be ordering again soon

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Geo*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:48PM

Thanks jersey,s are awesome, will give positive word and will be ordering again in the next week or so

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edw*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:42PM

Hello.The jerseys have arrived. All are perfect. You have done a great job. Thank you. Vicente Gamo Pascual

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Cor*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:41PM

I received my jersey. Thanks so much. I loved it. & I look foward to purchasing more items in the future Thanks again

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Mau*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:37PM

My NFL jersey collection thus far Mrs. Yang, thank you for supplying me over the years, I am 100% satisfied....

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Jul*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:33PM

That's great! We are so excited and looking forward to receiving our jerseys. 

We will be placing another order this weekend. 

Thank you!!

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Col*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 4:00PM

I really liked my experience here it was simple and if you have any questions costumer service is very helpful.

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Ess*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 3:53PM

Hi Everything was great with this partial order that i recieved. 

However i am still awaiting the tracking number for the balance of my order. 

Any assistance you can provide would be greatful. 

Thank you in advance

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Seb*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 3:48PM

I Thank you so much for all! 

I hope we can Order Next Year again! Best regards!

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Geo*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 3:23PM

I have received my orders an everything came out perfect this time thank you so much

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gre*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 3:01PM

Just received jerseys, Astros jersey great! Texan basketball jersey could use some improvements. 

Probably would make colons a bit smaller,like the ones on the Astros jersey. 

Overall though,my favorite one is the Astros jersey, please tell operator great job,very pleased. 

Will place next order very soon.

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Mel*** , Date Added: Apr 28 2018 2:56PM

Adidas Sharks #8 Joe Pavelski Teal Home Authentic Stitched Youth NHL Jersey

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